Jun 22nd, 2018

No doubt you’ve been inundated with email after email asking, pleading and begging for your consent. Now we’re here to carry on that story!

Our journey into GDPR compliance was one of necessity. As you all are no doubt aware, every single business in the EU, no matter how large or how small, has to comply with the brand new, shiny data regulations put in place by the GDPR.

That means that Amar Shah’s Optometrists has to comply too. We hold quite a lot of data on our patients and hold it for all the right reasons. We hold contact information, personal details and the scans we take of your eyes. Thankfully we know how important that data and information is for you and we’ve learnt how to keep it all safe and sound.

Once upon a time…

Our personal journey into GDPR compliance began 15 years ago. Gracing the green and pleasant fields of Bristol and North Somerset were Amar and a young chap called Grant, both putting willow to leather on the wicket for The Misfits. A nomadic cricketing team, The Misfits toured the land and put the opposition in their place… even if that was in the bar rather than on the field.

Fast forward and it turns out that Grant has done a lot of research into GDPR but still hasn’t improved as a cricketer. Putting that aside, we needed his help. Over the course of a number of coffees and even more emails we can now happily say that we are compliant with GDPR.

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, nothing really. We’ll still look after your personal data and information with the same due care and diligence that we always have done. We’ll still contact you to remind you of upcoming appointments and share the very best products for your eyecare. We firmly believe that it’s in your interest that we continue to do this. After all you and I want your eyes to be in the best shape that they can be.

If you want to read more on how we protect, use and store your data then scroll to the bottom of our website where you can download and read our company privacy policy and the website/cookie policy. I’d suggest that you put aside a few hours, get an entire pot of coffee on stand by and prepare yourself for a riveting read. If you’re no longer happy for us to hold your data then please do get in touch with the shop.

As we’ve said, nothing changes for you as one of our patients. We are still going to provide the same great service that we always have and we’re looking forward to seeing you when you next come in. If you’re after the expert vision advice that you’ve become accustomed to then we’re still your first and only stop.

Talking of stopping by, do come and see our new window display. Not only does it showcase the latest in eyewear but also pays homage to probably the biggest celebrity in World Cup history, Paul the Octopus.


Content crafted by Grant at Shake & Speare