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Eye Exam At Amar Shah Optometrist


Eye Examination


An eye examination is much more than a sight test – it’s a comprehensive assessment of the state of health of your entire eye, from cornea to retina and optic nerve. We keep detailed records so that we can compare year-on-year and identify any issues early, which greatly improves treatment outcomes.

When prescribing glasses or contact lenses we will take into account the demands of your own particular lifestyle: whether that be seeing a golf ball after you’ve hit it 300 yards (you wish!) or slaving over your computer for hour upon hour. The correct prescription can greatly reduce the experience of fatigue and enable you to perform at your best, for longer. Or simply help you relax with your favourite book…

Corneal Topography

retinal imaging

This process produces a contour map of the front of your eye, which provides invaluable information for assessing what type of contact lens will correctly fit the cornea. Bespoke gas permeable contact lenses can be manufactured specifically for your eyes, giving you greater comfort and better vision. A Corneal Topography measurement will be carried out for all contact lenses wearers and is also part of the preoperative assessment of patients considering laser eye surgery.

Hi-tech Equipment
hi-tech equipment

At Amar Shah Optometrist we have invested heavily in the very latest eye-care technology, including one of the most advanced retinal/optic nerve scanners in the Bristol area. Taking 3D scans of the central retina, similar to an MRI scan, OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), reveals the full depth of the central retina and optic nerve and shows all the individual layers in detail.

This type of scan helps to detect the earliest stages of conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration and is completely safe and non-invasive: each scan takes just seconds and requires no drops or contact with the eye. We can also use it to image the structures at the front of the eye, for example to measure the thickness of your cornea.

Prescription Sunglasses

eye examination

All of our sunglasses provide the very best protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, and can be fitted with prescription lenses. These lenses can be provided with a wide range of tints of varying density and colours, as well as photosensitive lenses for the ultimate in protection and adaptability to changing conditions. Perfect for those British ‘summers’…

Sports Vision

sports vision

Individual sports put particular demands on your vision, whether it’s golf (small objects, at distance), racquet sports (rapid movement, peripheral vision) or more passive activities such as fishing (extended concentration, focus). Come and speak to us about your own experiences and any specific difficulties you are having with your eyesight and you may find that we can adjust your prescription to suit a particular activity. We can’t improve your skills but you’ll be able to see what you’re doing wrong!

Fully Qualified

fully qualified

All the Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians working with Amar regularly attend training days to keep them abreast of the latest clinical and technical developments. Amar has been involved with the Local Optical Committee and been involved in structuring clinical pathways for patients within the NHS. Amar is an active member of the British Contact Lens Association to help him stay abreast of the latest technical and clinical studies in this field.

Myopia Management


Myopia management is becoming a high profile aspect of children’s eyecare, spending less time outdoors, having a parent with short-sightedness or spending more time using close up vision can all contribute to children’s eyes growing longer and becoming more shortsighted (myopic). At Amar Shah Optometrist, we now offer special spectacle and contact lenses that have been designed, approved and proven to potentially help reduce this process. We have also invested in the latest Topcon Myah instrumentation to help us track and monitor changes to the eye’s shape which is the gold standard in myopia management.



Orthokeratology (or Ortho K) is a new technique where corrective contact lenses are worn overnight to reshape the cornea. It can be used to correct refractive errors (primarily nearsightedness, but also astigmatism and hyperopia) and to combat the progression of childhood myopia.

Sight correction without surgery may sound too good to be true and it’s not for everyone unfortunately. It is most effective for patients with low to medium degrees of short sight, and there are also other variables such as the complexity of the corneal shape and the rigidity of the cornea itself, so a full assessment will be required to see this treatment is appropriate.

Speciality Lenses
speciality lenses

We can provide lenses to suit your specific needs, including bi-focals, tri-focals and varifocals. The lens design can be specially tailored to suit outdoor/sports use, or high-magnification close up work such as arts and crafts, or skilled trades.

A variety of coatings are available, including scratch-proof, anti-glare, water-repellent and anti-fog lenses, as well as polarised lenses to reduce reflected light for example when driving, skiing or fishing.

Custom lenses can be made to fit swimming goggles, diving masks and safety goggles, to ensure that you have the best vision at all times.

Retinal Imaging

eye examination

A retinal camera records a digital picture of the retina, blood vessels and optic nerve located at the back of your eyes. This provides a permanent and accurate record of the health and condition of your eyes. We can monitor any changing eye conditions to ensure that any appropriate treatment can be delivered at the earliest opportunity, improving the prognosis for diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and hypertension.

Childrens Eyecare

childrens eyecare

Good eyesight is vital to every child’s educational and social development, and a child’s immature visual systems are more prone to irreversible damage, making regular examinations particularly important in our early years.

Conditions such as amblyopia (‘lazy eye’), strabismus (‘squint’) and uncorrected refractive error (short or long sightedness and astigmatism) are the most common. These conditions may also be related.

If a child has a squint – or one eye with a significantly different prescription from the other – this can lead to a lazy eye. The less dominant eye is effectively “switched off” and does not develop properly. The child accommodates to use the eye that is least long-sighted which leaves the other eye with reduced visual acuity.

Thankfully, our eyes continue to develop throughout childhood and early and effective treatment can overcome many of these conditions, with obvious lasting benefits.

See also: Myopia Management

Eye Health Screen

eye health screen

Regular eye tests are important because your eyes don’t usually hurt when something is wrong. A sight test is a vital health check for your eyes that can pick up early signs of eye conditions before you’re aware of any symptoms – many of which can be treated if found early enough. Amar recommends that most people should get their eyes tested every two years. However, in some circumstances, he may recommend more frequent sight tests; for example if you are diabetic, or if there is a family history of glaucoma.

Distinctive Eyewear

Distinctive Eyewear

We’ve gathered together an eclectic, gorgeous and in many cases exclusive collection of frames and sunglasses from around the world. We promote smaller, more individual frame designers who generally produce better quality and more interesting eyewear.

Contact Lenses


Amar has over 30 years’ experience in fitting contact lenses. And with modern lens technology he is usually able to normally find a solution to most visual problems. He likes a challenge!! Working with the contact lens manufacturers, he often has access to lenses before they become widely available.

Myopia Management
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