We get it. Sometimes you just don’t want to wear glasses. So contact lenses are a great alternative. Especially if you play sport, jump about a lot or just feel like freeing up your face.

At Amar Shah, we’re expert in fitting and prescribing all kinds of contact lenses – daily disposables, two weeklies, monthlies, multi-focals… Our close links with top lens manufacturers means we can fit you with the best type of lens for your eyes. Sometimes we can even get hold of new lenses before they’re released on the market.

Whether you’re an existing contact lens wearer or a newbie, you’ll receive a thorough eye examination and on-going eye assessments. That way we can ensure optimum vision and comfort.

Advances in contact lens technology in recent years means there’s now a wide range of designs and materials, supporting a huge variety of prescriptions. So, if you’ve tried contacts in the past and didn’t get on with them, you’ll be amazed how comfortable they are now.

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