Jan 12th, 2015

Bausch+Lomb, one of the world’s leading contact lens companies invited our very own Amar Shah to join a panel of respected contact lens practitioners to their headquarters in Ireland to discuss their new daily disposable lens, Biotrue ONEday.

Amar was one of a number of practitioners chosen to trial the new lens with his patients. The panel’s experiences, which were discussed at a roundtable meeting, were reported in an article in the eye care industry’s favourite bedtime reading, The Optician, in January 2012.

Central to the discussion was how contact lens manufacturers could better meet the needs of lens wearers. Amar commented that there was a definite link between comfort and vision, and that helping patients to articulate issues with their lenses was key. He also said that patients need to be able to trial different types of lenses, explaining that he always gave patients two sets of different lenses to take away. One lens does not fit all.